Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca Mexico

Who I Am?

My name is Deborah and I love to travel with my husband and our two dogs Olivia and Sofia. They are Toy Australian Shepherds. For many years I worked for a fortune 500 tech company. I retired after 25 years and that’s when our traveling adventures began. However, my real passion for the last 18+ years has been to provide eye care to those who in need and cannot afford it. I am a volunteer who is a Trip Organizer for a non-profit called VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity). VOSH is like Doctors Without Borders but with Optometrist and Ophthalmologist. We provide free eye exams and custom glass. Most of the VOSH clinics I have organized have been in Guatemala, Mexico and Los Angeles California.

Four years ago, we got Olivia. Six months later we got Sofia. They are half-sisters. Although they are Australian Shepherds, they are Toy size. They have the same personality of a standard Aussie but in a small package! They fit in a soft carrier for putting under the seats on airplanes. Our style of traveling has changed now that our family includes dogs. We take the dogs with us on VOSH trips as well as our other travels throughout North and Central America.

Now our travel plans include finding Pet Friendly places to stay, eat and visit with our dogs. When we first started to travel with Olivia and Sofia, I searched on the internet for information about traveling with dogs and pet friendly places. I only found general information. I needed more specific information.

I will share with you our real-life experiences traveling throughout Mexico and Guatemala with our dogs. Step-by-step guides on paperwork requirements for each country, what to expect when visiting plus veterinarians we used. Information on restaurants, hotels plus tourist attractions we visited that are pet friendly. I hope this information is helpful to you.

Happy Travels and Happy Tails!

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