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Airlines That Still Accept Emotional Support Animals

October 2023

Some airlines that are not based in the United States still offer to accept Emotional Support Animals (ESA).

All airline are required by law to allow Service Animals (SA).

If you are confused on the difference between an ESA or SA, read more here.

Below is a list of those airlines that allow you to fly with an Emotional Support Animal (dogs).

NOTE: If you are flying to the United States from a country that the CDC considers having a high risk of dog rabies, there are regulations you must consider before flying with your pet.

More information on the CDC website

Airlines that Accept Emotional Support Dogs


Flying on Aeroméxico with an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Flying with an ESA animal requires a certificate prescribed by a psychiatric physician.

The certificate must be issued exclusively by a psychiatrist.

They do not accept certificates issued by psychologists or professionals of any other specialty.

There is an online form you must complete in order to request bringing an ESA on board the airplane.

ESA link for Aeromexico


They allow ESA dogs however there are restrictions such as:

No more than 22 lbs (large ESA dogs not allowed)

Must fit comfortably inside a soft-side carrier

Fit under the seat in front of you

Basically, you must follow the same policy for “pets”.

If you can provide documentation from a licensed physician or mental health professional stating the passenger is under his or her professional care then there is no extra fee.

If you are not able to provide the documentation, you have to pay an extra fee for your dog.

Avianca Emotional Support Animal policy

COPA Airline

Emotional support dogs are only accepted on routes where they are recognized by the country’s regulations, that is, to or from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico.

If the dog is too big to fit at your feet, Copa Airlines will assigned a seat with additional space, if possible.

If this is not possible, you may purchase an extra seat in order to have additional floor space to accommodate the dog in front of or next to your seat, but not on the seats.

You must complete the Emotional Support and Service Dog Transportation Form and deliver two copies to the airport on the day of flight departure.

It seems that COPA does not require a special letter from a therapist or psychiatrist.

COPA ESA link.

VIVA – Traveling with Emotional Support dog on VIVA, you must present a medical prescription on letterhead issued by an institution or a doctor specializing in mental health (psychologist or psychiatrist) stating the need of an ESA.

VIVA ESA link.

LATAM –  Emotional Support Animals (dogs) can travel with you in the cabin on flights to or from Mexico, and Colombia, and on domestic flights within Colombia.

LATAM has a specific form to be complete by your licensed mental health professional.


Volaris – ESAs can travel at no cost on flights within Mexico and from/to Central America only.

You must provide a document from a mental health specialist such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, or licensed clinical social worker.

Volaris ESA link

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where did you get the information for Avianca? After speaking to them it looks like they still allow emotional support animals (dogs only) on all routes.