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CDC Temporarily Bans Dogs from Guatemala

Beginning July 14 2021, the CDC will not allow dogs who have been in Guatemala to enter the United States. 

Guatemala is on the list with 113 other countries that are considered at high risk for dog rabies

List of the 113 high-risk countries on the CDC website.

What is the reason?

The CDC is concerned about dogs entering from countries that have let their rabies vaccine policy lapse due to the pandemic and not enough resources to control dog rabies in their country.

What if I arrived in Guatemala before the July 14 2021 suspension?

You may be able to get a CDC Dog Import Permit. However, there are restrictions.

Frequently Ask Questions

The CDC has put together an extensive list of answers to any question you may have about this temporary ban.

FAQ page

Then and Now: What Has Changed?

This page shows the current pet import policy and what exactly will change.  View here

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