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Facts about flying WITHIN Mexico with your pet

What you need to know

In Mexico “pets” are defined as either a dog or cat, nothing else.

Airlines will charge a fee for bringing your pets onboard the airplane unless it is an ESA or Service Animal.

Yes, airlines flying within Mexico accept ESAs.

Here is a list of airlines that still allow ESAs – August 2021

“Pets” must be small enough to fit in an approved airline pet carrier.

They are usually soft-sided carriers that fit under the seat in front of you.

Some airlines will limit the number of pets per flight.

Do I need a health certificate?

The answer is YES!  And an up-to-date rabies certificate.

Although the Mexican government does not require a health certificate for your pet traveling from the U.S. or Canada, some airlines do.

If you are driving into and throughout Mexico, you do not need a health certificate.

Your pet will need a rabies certificate.

Read about the updated rules for bringing pets to Mexico.

How close to the departure date do I need a health certificate and Rabies immunization?

The airlines are the ones that dictate how close to the departure date you need to get the new health certificate.


Within five days of departure obtain a Health Certificate with a list of current vaccines. Include the date of the last deworming   Bring one original and a copy.

Rabies vaccination certificate is required. The rabies vaccine must be issued more than 30 days before travel.

Aeroméxico Pet Policy


Within five days of departure obtain a Health Certificate with a list of current vaccines. Include the date of the last deworming  (you must return within 5 days otherwise you will need another health certificate)

Rabies certificate. The rabies immunization must be older than 30-days.

Volaris Pet Policy

Flying on Volaris with an Emotional Support Animal


A vaccination card or health certificate with vaccine information.

VIVA Pet Policy

Traveling with emotional support animals is free on VIVA, both for your national and international flights.

How To Find a Veterinarian In Mexico

To find a veterinarian in Mexico, start by asking the locals who they recommend.

I have personally gone to the veterinarian’s office ahead of time to check out their facilities and find out the price for a health certificate.

Some veterinarians will charge $100 USD or more while others will charge as little as $25 USD. This does not mean their service is any less.

Flying with a Service Animal (SA) or an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Beginning in January 2021 the U.S. airlines were allowed to reclassify ESAs as “pets” – essentially banning all Emotional Support Animals from the airline cabins.

The good news is, if you are flying within Mexico, many Mexican airlines still allow ESAs to travel in the airline’s cabin with their owner.

Popular Airlines

VIVA –  Within Mexico and from Mexico to Miami. VIVA info

Volaris – ESAs can travel on flights within Mexico and from/to Central America only. Volaris ESA link

Aeroméxico – accepts emotional-support pets onboard their flights, in compliance with Air Carrier Access Act. Aeroméxico ESA link:

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Can i bring my dog from Huatulco to mexico city in checked in baggage hes 17 lbs and to big for in cabin


what about in summer flght within mexico


Do you know the ADA (Mexican legal equiv) for certified service animals. In regards to buses and Uber etc. ? l


Thanks for the confirmation. That is the gist of what I’d arrived at as well. Jalisco does have some laws for ADA service animals for rentals etc – but it’s hard as finding chicken with teeth to find data for other states. 🙂 I’ve advised the person that asked, to consider a personal driver. Their service animal is a seizure sensitive so not a baby that can be left home.
Thanks so very much again!

Kate Reust

Friends sent me this
So there are Ada type protections