You are currently viewing Mexico’s “Frequent Traveler Program”  For Your Dog or Cat

Mexico’s “Frequent Traveler Program” For Your Dog or Cat

January 2023

What is the Frequent Travelers Pet Program?

The Frequent Traveler Pet Program is a Mexico government program, not an airline program.

If you travel often in and out of Mexico with your dog or cat, this program will save you from having to get a health certificate each time you travel (within a 6-month period).

This will save you time and money.

However, if you are traveling on an airline that requires a heath certificate, this program will not help you avoid getting a health certificate each time you fly with your pet.

There is a way around this… fly on an airline that does not require a health certificate.

Alaska Airline
Delta Airlines
United Airlines

The Frequent Travel Pet Program does NOT apply for those traveling between the United States and Canada to Mexico.


The reason Mexico’s Frequent Traveler Pet Program is no longer an option for those entering from the United States and Canada is that Mexico no longer requires your pet to have a health certificate from a veterinarian.

However, you still need an up-to-date rabies certificate.

Plus a record of all vaccines, parasite prevention and deworming.

Please check with your airline for any additional paperwork they may require.

Where will the Frequent Travels Pet Program work?

An example of this program working is if you travel often between Mexico and Panama or Costa Rica or Argentina or Chile.

Once you enroll in the program, it will save you time at the pet inspection station (the OISA office at the airport). 

All the relevant information will already be in the SENASICA system. This saves time from having to enter the data again.

What information do I need to provide to enroll in this program?

  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Official identification
  3. Your E-mail
  4. Photo of your pet
  5. Vaccination card that indicates the current rabies vaccine (date of application, product name, laboratory, batch number and validity)
  6. Recent internal and external deworming (no more than 15 days) (indicate application date, product name, active ingredient and batch)
  7. Recent Health Certificate, with no more than 5 days of having been issued
  8. Microchip implantation is suggested as a method of identifying the pet

Once your pet is enrolled, it will have an Entry Record in the SENASICA system. This Entry Record will be emailed to you.

What happens at the airport after enrolling in the Frequent Travelers Pet Program?

Your dog or cat will still have a brief inspection at the OISA office.

You will have to show up-to-date documentation on de-worming and vaccinations.

How to get the application for the Frequent Travelers Pet Program

In order to get an application, you need to call or email their office and ask for an application.

Telephone 59051000 ext. 51146


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As always… Safe Travels!

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Hello and thank you for your time. We are preparing for a road trip into Mexico and will be bringing our pet dog.

aside from full health inspection/documuments
what will we need at the border? Do we just attempt to drive through with dog? Certain gate of entry to use? Bigger port or smaller port?
please help.

Cindy Cipriano

Please help me. I want to get my pet from Mexico City to USA. Cannot find air travel company. Have checked IPATA link. No luck. She is 7mos has all her vaccinations and health certificate. She is 22 lbs and I have travel crate. We leave Mexico on Dec 20.


Has any one registered here ? Can you tell me any more about it? We are travelling to Mexico with our small dog in Jan …and don’t want to run into something I’m not aware of. He has all his needles tests etc and is healthy.I plan on carrying this info with me . We have been to Mexico many times ,but never flown with our dog ? Don’t want ant problems.


Do you know if you still need the health certificate for the airlines if the pet is registered in the frequent traveler program?