Mexico’s “Frequent Traveler Program”  For Your Dog or Cat

Mexico’s “Frequent Traveler Program” For Your Dog or Cat

UPDATED December 2019. Mexico has new requirements for pets!

November of 2019 Mexico revised the requirements on bringing pets to Mexico – for U.S. and Canadians only.

What Changed: New Requirements and Processes For Bringing Pets to Mexico

Mexico no longer requires your pet to have a health certificate from a veterinarian.

Mexico no longer requires proof of the rabies vaccine for your dog or cat.

Mexico will require that a staff member of OISA (part of SAGARPA-SENASICA) perform a brief physical inspection of your pet and verify:

  • That there are no signs of infectious and contagious diseases
  • That it is free of ectoparasites = fleas, ticks, mites, and lice
  • That there are no fresh or healing wounds

What has not changed

  • Only a small amount of dog food is allowed to be brought into the country
  • Any type of disposable bedding the dog was transported in, must be thrown away. For example, newspapers or sawdust or rags

Notice from the USDA about new requirements for traveling to Mexico with pets.

With the new relaxed requirements, that means…

The Frequent Travel Pet Program does NOT apply anymore for those traveling between the United States and Canada to Mexico.

What is the Frequent Travel Pet Program?

Frequent Travel Pet Program does apply to those coming from other countries.

This program still applies for those coming into Mexico (with a pet) from countries other than the United States and Canada.

For example this program works for those coming from Belize or Guatemala into Mexico with a pet.

In the last couple of years, Mexico instituted a frequent traveler program for dogs and cats.

It is a free program, with the purpose of speeding up the process for travelers who frequently travel between their country and Mexico with their dogs and cats.

It is a brilliant idea!

Sayulita Beach, Nayarit Mexico

 Benefits Of The Frequent Traveler Pet program:

  • During a period of six months, you will no longer have to present another Health Certificate every time you enter with your dog or cat.
  • You minimize the waiting time.
  • It will not be necessary to register data, since these will exist in their database at the moment of obtaining the document, only the validity of the vaccine and de-worming will be verified.
  • You will not have to wait until the Import Certificate is prepared, it will be sent electronically to your email.
  • The “Registration of Income” is granted at the national level in the Inspection Offices of Agricultural Health (OISA) and in the central offices of the SENASICA.

How To Apply

1) Fill out an application. Contact the SAGARPA-SENASICA directly for an application.  Email:

2) Attach the health certificate (to the application).  The health certificated must be issued by a veterinarian authorized by SENASICA. This means the Health Certificate (and exam) must be completed in Mexico by a veterinarian authorized by SENASICA.

3) Have a record of your current rabies vaccination.

4) Have a record of your treatment against ectoparasites and endoparasites (less than 6 months).

The registration process for the program is available only in the Agricultural Health Inspection Offices (OISA) at Mexico City and SENASICA‘s central offices.

There is no cost to register with the Mascota Viajero Frecuente program.


If you have questions, you can email the SAGARPA-SENASICA directly. Email:

Or you can call 59051000 ext. 53611, 54326 and 51020, (0155) 43130154; 43130155 and 43130152.


By having the Registro de Ingreso document, you can enter the country as frequently as you want with your pets for a period of 6 months.

This is true as long as all the vaccinations & treatments are still in effect and your pets are healthy


The program is free of charge.

Sayulita Beach, Nayarit Mexico
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Has any one registered here ? Can you tell me any more about it? We are travelling to Mexico with our small dog in Jan …and don’t want to run into something I’m not aware of. He has all his needles tests etc and is healthy.I plan on carrying this info with me . We have been to Mexico many times ,but never flown with our dog ? Don’t want ant problems.


Do you know if you still need the health certificate for the airlines if the pet is registered in the frequent traveler program?

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