Mexico’s Guide For Foreigners

Mexico’s Guide For Foreigners

Official Mexico Government Guide For Entering The Country

Looking for information on traveling in Mexico? Maybe more information on traveling with pets to Mexico? 

When we were traveling with our two dogs from Guatemala to Mexico I needed to know the requirements for bringing pets. I found loads of information on the internet about going from the U.S. and Canada to Mexico, but nothing on going from Guatemala to Mexico.  I finally contacted the Mexico embassy and they sent me this very nice guide. 

This official guide from Mexico has  general information about entering Mexico, driving into Mexico, bringing pets, entering with your belongs or gifts and much more.

Information on dogs (mascota) is on page 37. Although the guide is in Spanish you can copy and paste into the Google translator.

Download here… Guia-Paisano-SemanaSanta-2018



It is a helpful and concise guide with lots of pictures. It helped me and therefore I thought I would share it with others too!

For information about leaving Guatemala with a pet go to my blog here.


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