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Oaxaca – List of Pet Friendly Restaurants

TR3 Dinning Room

Amazing Oaxaca City

We arrived in Oaxaca Mexico in December. We flew from Sayulita, Nayarit Mexico to  Oaxaca City. More on flying within Mexico here.

We originally were only going to stay a month to attend a Spanish School and take some tours.

We quickly decided to stay two months. We fell in love with Oaxaca city.

What made us fall in love with Oaxaca? The culture, the food, the people, and the energy of the city.

The place where we stayed was about a 10-minute walk to the Zocalo. This is a happening place!

The Oaxaca city Zocalo sits in a plaza area covered in tall shade trees.

Around the Zocalo are restaurants with patio seating; making them Pet Friendly by default.

There is entertainment every night. A stage is setup between the Zocalo and the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Soledad.

In the evenings we would walk with the dogs to the Zocalo and sit at the patio of one of the restaurants.

We would watch and listen to the entertainment on stage. We enjoyed this very much.

December is a particularly festive month for Mexico in general. However, I must say that Oaxaca’s festivities are the grandest I have seen.

This caused our dogs some anxiety because of all the fire-crackers and “bombas” every evening and in the wee hours of the morning (3 am!).

We also noticed that the dogs paws were very dirty after we walked them. 

The side walks don’t seem to be washed down by the merchants or restaurants every morning, like other cities in Mexico.

Here is a list of Pet Friendly restaurants we visited with Olivia and Sofia.

TR3 Restaurant & Oyster Bar – Pet Friendly

TR3 Restaurant – Balcony View

Located in the Zocalo plaza, on the 2nd floor.

Great terrace view of the Zocalo plaza from up there.

Whenever we craved a good gourmet hamburger, this was our go-to place!

The staff was amazing and very accommodating by allowing us to bring Olivia and Sofia into the restaurant with us. 

Pet Friendly Jaguar Cafe

Jaguar Yuú Café  – Pet Friendly

This is a great place for coffee, breakfast or lunch with your pet.

They will provide your dog with a water dish (with purified water).

Out front there is also a water and food dispenser for all dogs.

Jaguar Cafe

The service is very friendly and free WiFi.

We noticed that many folks go there to work or hold meetings.

The food is really good, healthy with vegan options.

I had a salad that was delicious! Facebook

Las Quince Letras  – Pet Friendly

Modern Oaxaca food.

Restaurant has a nice patio courtyard. It has a lot of greenery.

We had breakfast on the patio with Olivia and Sofia.

Located Abasolo No. 300 (casi esquina con Av. Juárez). Col. Centro Oaxaca  Facebook.

Parador San Agustin Restaurant

 Parador San Agustin Hotel – Pet Friendly Restaurant

Great location, close to the Zocalo.

We discovered this hotel by accident.

It was close to our Spanish School in Oaxaca. We would pass by it every morning.

One day one we stopped to look at the menu for the hotel restaurant.

They promptly told us it was pet friendly and to come in.

The restaurant is in the middle in the courtyard area. The 16 hotel rooms are above on the second floor.

We ate breakfast there a few times and enjoyed it. They offer a great American style or Mexican style breakfast daily.

Located just a few blocks from the Zocalo on Calle de Armenta y López 215, Zona Feb 10 2015, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax., Mexico  Website

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