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Panajachel & Antigua Guatemala Pet Friendly Places

Panachel, Lago Atitlán

Panajachel is located on a beautiful lake called Lago Atitlán, situated in the highlands of Guatemala surrounded by three volcanos. Extremely picturesque and known as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Panajachel is one of many small Maya villages surrounding the lake. The Maya people of Atitlán are predominantly Tz’utujil and Kaqchikel where the women still wear very colorful traditional clothes.

Typical scene in Lago Atitlan Guatemala


There is no road that circles the lake. The main transportation around the lake is on small boats, “Lanchas” in Spanish. For 10Q (quetzals) you can visit many of the other villages. Olivia and Sofia were allowed on the lanchas without any hesitation. After all, the locals bring their livestock on the lanchas to take to the markets to sell.

Jenna’s B&B, Lago Atitlán

On this trip to Lago Atitlán, we stayed near Panajachel at a wonderful bed-and-breakfast called Jenna’s B&B.

Jenna’s B&B in Panajachel

Jenna has two small dogs and was kind enough to allow us to bring Olivia and Sofia to her property. She does not advertise that the place is Pet Friendly, however I contacted her to ask. Once she saw the pictures of Olivia and Sofia, she gave her permission. One of the many great things about Jenna’s B&B, besides the amazing food, is that the dogs had complete freedom to wonder about the property. I did not worry because she had it completely fenced off for her own dogs. There are amazing views from all the rooms to see the sunsets.  We did not leave Olivia and Sofia alone there, we took them with us everywhere… even on the tuk-tuks and lanchas.     

Casablanca Restaurant, Lago Atitlán

This pet friendly restaurant is in the heart of Panajachel and offers really good international cuisine. We went in the mid-afternoon, when there was hardly any people (which is what we like). 

Antigua, Guatemala

We stayed in Antigua for one night. We were flying out of Guatemala the following day. Antigua is only 1 hour from the airport and a much nicer place to stay then Guatemala City.

Casa Capuchinas Boutique Hotel

Courtyard of Casa Capuchinas

We stayed at a lovely pet friendly hotel called Casa Capuchinas. Website.  This is a very charming place with a beautiful courtyard garden in the middle. Located close to all the shop and restaurants. The staff was very helpful and they were able to tell us which restaurants in town were also pet friendly.

Pet Friendly Restaurants

Since we were only in Antigua for one day we only had a chance to go to two pet friendly restaurants.

Culinaria – variety of food to choose from. I had the Indian curry which was delicious. They had a specials on mojitos so of course we had to try them. Very good as well.

El Cazador Italiano – nice Italian food with  great patio dinning under the shade of avocado trees.

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