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Pet Friendly Las Palmas Hotel in Matehuala

January 2023

Pet-Friendly Criteria Ratings

- Fenced in outdoor area for pets
- Special amenities provided for pets
- Pet-friendly restaurant in the hotel
- Hotel located in an area good/safe for walking dogs

If you are driving into Mexico from the Texas border, the Las Palmas pet-friendly hotel is your oasis after driving to Mexico with a dog and your family!  Ample RV parking if needed. Cool off in the pool.

Las Palmas Midway Inn is pet-friendly and one of the most popular places to stay. Besides motel rooms, there is a separate and secure RV parking area.

They call this “midway” because it is midway into Mexico from the Texas border. Just six and a half hours from the Texas border if you are crossing at Laredo Texas or at the Columbia International Bridge. 

On our trip traveling through Mexico, we stayed 3 nights at Las Palmas hotels. The hotel is located right off the main highway – 57.


It is a very large fenced in compound situated on several acres. It is very secure with only one way in and one way out. There is always someone at the entrance.

We found Las Palmas to be a perfect place to stay for the following reasons:

  1. There are carports available for many of the rooms. This means you can park your car right next to your motel room door and never unload the car (if you wish).
  2. There is a secure parking lot for RVs.
  3. A safe place to stay; completely fenced in.
  4. Large grassy areas for dogs to walk or run around and play frisbee.
  5. The restaurant on-site serves decent food. It offers weekly specials. Unfortunately is is not pet-friendly.
  6. The restaurant has an outdoor patio area that is pet-friendly.
  7. Nice pool, fairly large and very clean.
  8. Friendly staff.

We really like the fact that there are many trees and grassy areas surrounding the entire grounds. We loved waking up to the birds chirping and the cool crisp air, even in July. Our dogs loved that we could play Frisbee every day right outside our motel room.

We discovered a paved walking or jogging trail that encompassed the entire fenced-in property. The entire trail is bordered by quite a lot of majestic cacti.

We stayed in room 182, which has a carport and it is at the far end with a lot of tress and room for dogs to run around. Very private.

Secure carports

Keep in mind this is a “motel”, not a “hotel”. Although the rooms need some TLC, they are clean and there is plenty of hot water.

If you are traveling through Mexico visiting all the wonderful sights, Matehuala is a good location to stay – especially if you want to visit the ghost town of Real de Catorce. 



The downtown area of Matehuala offers beautiful Spanish architecture, nice local food restaurants and parks for sitting and relaxing.

Matehuala, SLP
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Thank you for this wonderful guide on getting my dogs down to Mexico. I’ve been stressing over where we could stay versus attempting a 12 hour drive. Needless to say, your article is greatly appreciated! I also appreciate the update on the requirements to import dogs, that sounds much easier. You commented that the dogs won’t be inspected at the border. So….where will they be inspected? Thank you.