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Pet Friendly Places To Visit In Taxco Mexico

June 2020

I always wanted to go to Taxco, Guerrero Mexico. This Pueblo Mágico oozes with charm!

Taxco Mexico silver is famous and Taxco jewelry is beautiful!

We packed up the car, the dogs and drove to Taxco (from Mexico City) for a short getaway.

Once we arrived, we soon discovered that Taxco is one of the most pet friendly towns to visit in Mexico.

For example, the silver jewelry stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and even a silver factory all allowed us to bring our dogs inside. Now that is Pet Friendly!

Everywhere you go locals are welcoming, even if you have dogs (as we did).


Pet Friendly Things To Do In Taxco

Taxco is located in the state of Guerrero which is in the Southwestern part of Mexico.

It is a 2 ½ to 3-hour drive from Mexico City. (CDMX).

When driving to Taxco take the toll road (Cuota) 95D. It is fast and is a direct link to Taxco.

If you continue on the 95D Cuota it will eventually take you to Acapulco.

Many tour companies in CDMX offer day trips to Taxco.

Taxco is half way between Mexcco City and Acapulco

Shop For Silver

Taxco is the mecca for purchasing high-quality Mexican silver.  

There are many Taxco jewelry stores all around the main square – the Zocalo – and up and down the cobblestone streets.

When shopping, be sure to look for a stamp of 925 or 950 and the initials of the artist who created the piece.

Be prepared to negotiate the price. Do not accept the first price they offer.

The store will expect you to propose a lower price. This is why they increase the price to eventually get to their acceptable price.

It is just a way of doing business in most Latin American countries.

Walk To The Zocalo

As the town organically grew, there was never any consideration for cars.

The steep narrow cobblestone streets are what make Taxco so charming.

The streets are one way; barely wide enough for a car and pedestrians together. 

The cobblestones are beautifully decorated.

Docorative Streets in Taxco

Fortunately, the only cars you will likely encounter are taxis.

The Zocalo – main plaza – is located about midway up the mountain in a small flat area.

It is a small charming Zocalo with a gazebo in the center and a beautiful large cathedral.

Taxco Zocalo

Surrounding the plaza are restaurants, coffee shops and many small stores selling beautiful handcrafted Mexican silver jewelry and other pieces of artisanal artwork.

Zocalo kiosko at night

Hire A Taxi And Tour Around Taxco

The best place to get a taxi is in the Zocalo area.

There is a flat open area where the taxis hangout, which makes it easy to hire one.  

Remember to ask the price before you climb in.

In most taxis, the passenger seat is removed for quick-n-easy access to the back seat.  We fit comfortably with our two dogs.

Taxco’s taxies are famous for being a uniform white Volkswagon Beetle (aka VW Bug).

Since the engine is mounted in the rear it makes it ideal for hauling people up and down the mountain.

Taxi in the zocalo

Visit The Statue of Christ – Cristo Rey

For the best city views of Taxco, visit the Cristo Rey monument.  Located on one of the hilltops overlooking the city.

Take a short taxi ride up or if you are more athletic – hike up.

The ride up is an experience in itself!

Narrow winding roads, hairpin turns, and very steep hills.

 It is free to enter and dogs are allowed. It is worth the effort!  

Cristo Rey Monumneto - View of Taxco City

There are some street vendors selling food and soft drinks at the top.

For a few pesos, we hired a local guide to take our picture. He knew all the nice spots for us to pose for the best photos.


A few years ago, the left hand of the statue blew off.

It has been repaired and now the the left hand is a photo prop!


Visit The Zanfeld Silver Factory

We did not know about the Zanfeld silver factory until our taxi driver mentioned it to us.

We had our two small dogs with us and he assured us that Zanfeld’s was Pet Friendly. He was right!

The Zanfeld factory is about a 15-minute drive from the main part of town and the Zocalo.

It is nestled high up the foothills of Taxco.

The award-winning craftsmen at Zanfeld produce high-quality unique jewelry and sculptures.


From the private tour, we learned the end-to-end process of making silver jewelry.

I now have a greater appreciation of what it takes to make beautiful Taxco silver jewelry.

Taxco silver has 925 or 950 stamped on it with the initials of the artist who created the piece.

Zanfeld offers items you will not find in the silver stores in town.

It is a great place to purchase a memory of Taxco!

As their motto states, it is “Silver with Mexican Soul”.


Visit During The National Silver Fair

On our visit to Taxco, we just happen to be there during the week long silver fair. It takes place in late November.

Craft competitions are held and some of Mexico’s best silverwork is on display.

It’s a great time to shop for anything and everything silver.

Charming Taxco

Go For A Weekend Getaway

We love strolling around Taxco! It is fun to meander down interesting-looking callejónes (alleyways) and peak into interesting shops.

We highly recommend visitning Taxco and don’t forget to bringing your furry friend along too!

Taxco at night

Have you been to Taxco? Please let us know what you thought of it…

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