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List of 8 Pet Friendly Restaurants in Xela Guatemala

List of Pet Friendly Restaurants in Xela

There are several pet friendly restaurants in Xela (Quetzltenango) Guatemala.

Here is our list of 8 pet friendly restaurants we have personally visited with Olivia and Sofia.

We recommend the food too!

Tan Lachuga Yo

I always crave a nice salad, something green, wherever we travel. 

I was so happy to find TLY on Avenida 13.  There is a nice variety of salads to choose from which are large and very filling. 

All healthy, organic, locally sourced food. They also offer wraps, soups and smoothies.

It is a tiny restaurant that is nicely decorated.  Normally I do not recommend eating lettuce in foreign countries, however this restaurant is very clean and they take all the precautions.

I also like the fact they provide hand sanitizers at every table.

Hours are 9 – 4:30. Go during off peak hours for best chance of getting a table.

pet friendly restaurant xela guatemala
Tan Lachuga Yo Salad



Burritos y Margaritas! Located near the main plaza- Parque Central.

Tacorazon offers the best margaritas and the most delicious build-your-own burritos, tacos, bowls, salads and crispy french fries.

They also offer vegetarian selections. Mondays are two- for-one Margaritas!

Great care is taken to wash and prepare the locally sourced organic food from small farmers. 

Generous portions at a great price!


Vegan Bakery and restaurant.

Located on 7 Calle 13-25A in Zona 1, is the best place to find gluten-free, vegan baked goods and vegetarian dishes.

You can order wraps, sandwiches, salads, soups, smoothies, great breakfasts and delicious Guatemalan coffee.

This pet friendly restaurant has a nice patio in the back for you to dine with your pet. Free WiFi. 

You will often find Alyce the owner there with her dog.

Alyce also has a non-profit called Dogs Of Xela. The DOX Project aims to address street dog overpopulation in Xela’s Zona 1.

DOX provides affordable, accessible sterilization and vaccinations for street dogs.

For more information on the DOX Project visit her Facebook page.

She is doing an amazing job helping street dogs find homes.

Irreverente Cocina Real

After winning the Iron Chef television show, Chef Nedy decided to open a restaurant in his home town of Xela. 

This award winning chef offers high-end cuisine at very a affordable price. 

If you like pizza, then you must try the vegetarian pizza. 

We often order half vegetarin and half pepperoni. 

Located 12 Avenida 9-29 Zona 1.

Irreverente Facebook page

Irreverente Pizza

La Cafetera

A beautiful restaurant located on the corner of 15 street and 13th diagonal street in Zona 1. 

They offer a huge American style or typical Guatemala style breakfast, which includes delicious Guatemala coffee. 

They also offer BBQ chicken wings, nachos to traditional chuchitos.

What I liked most was the daily Menu Ejecutivo – also know as Comida Corrida in Mexico.

This is a prefixed menu of 3 main courses to choose from.

Each main course includes rice, macaroni or vegetable salad, plus a drink.

All for only $3.25!!! Each day is a different menu designed to get you in and out of the restaurant quickly during your lunch break. 

We often did our Spanish homework here in the afternoons with Olivia and Sofia. Facebook page

Barista Cafe

Located near the Parque Central, main plaza area.

This is a chain of coffee shops in Guatemala.

Some of them offer drive-thru service, however this one near Parque Central does not. 

They offer full breakfasts and delicious Guatemala coffee, lattes, Cappuccinos and more.


Authentic food. Great breakfast anytime. Located 6ta. Calle 10-25 zona 1

Restaurante La Taqueria

Located on 5a Calle y 8a Avenida,Zona 1.

Believe it or not, authentic Mexican food is hard to find in Xela.

However, La Taqueria has got you covered.

Tacos, carnitas, soups, chilaquiles, quesadillas and much more.

I especially loved their Caldo Tlalpeno soup. 

They have an nice covered patio area where you can bring your dog and enjoy a great meal.

pet friendly restaurant la taqueria Xela
Inside the patio of La Taqueria restaurant in Xela


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How did you manage your dog with a lot of the strays around the city? I feel like when I was last there there was a number of strays and a lot of them could be quite aggressive/territorial. Also what activities did you generally end up doing/were you ok doing? Finally how’d you deal with food?