Dogs – Rabies Shots Requirements For Guatemala

Dogs – Rabies Shots Requirements For Guatemala

Government Requirements

What are the rabies shot requirements for dogs traveling to Guatemala? What does Guatemala government  require… a 1-year rabies shot or a 3-year rabies shot for your dog?

When I was researching the requirements for bringing our two dogs, Olivia and Sofia,  to Guatemala I found conflicting information on the rabies shot requirements. Some sites said that a rabies shot had to be given to your dog within a year of entering Guatemala (even if the rabies shot was good for three years). Some Guatemala government sites said they recognize and honor a 3-year rabies shot. Who to believe? 

So I emailed our local Guatemala Consulate and asked specifically what the rabies shot requirements are for Guatemala. Since our dogs have a 3-year rabies vaccine I would hate to have to give them another rabies shot, especially if it is not mandatory. 

The Guatemala Consulate wrote me back within a few hours. Here is their answer: “If all the vaccines comply with the USDA requirements to certify them, they will be valid in Guatemala.”  Therefore, a yearly rabies vaccine is not required!  Yippy! I was happy to read this good news.

Airline Requirements:

Some airlines require a yearly rabies vaccine regardless of the fact Guatemala accepts a 3-year rabies vaccine.  So be aware of this, airlines have their rules and the countries have separate rules. You must comply to both. I find Aeromexico to be the most pet friendly airline. 

Another note on airline requirements: Some airlines have their own separate paperwork that you need to complete before flying with your dog. They may even require the veterinarian to sign as well. Please check with your airline before leaving. Also, call them as soon as you make your reservation and tell them you are bringing a dog. There are limits on how many pets can be on one airplane.

Be aware there are paperwork requirements for leaving Guatemala with your dog. Be sure to read more about this here

Here is a link to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding pets entering Guatemala. 

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